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How to design a new wardrobe?

There are some essential things to take into consideration when you design a new wardrobe. 

How much clothing do you need to store? What kind of clothes are there? Do you want to keep ALL of your apparel in your wardrobe? What about accessories?

We’ve put together some easy advice to take you from chaos to calm in your wardrobe.

Hanging Space

The amount of hanging space required varies hugely from person to person; however, most people have apparel of varying lengths, and some clothes are worn more often than others. 

We offer three hanging lengths: short (1000mm), 3/4 (1350mm), and long (1700mm). 

Short hanging is popular because in most wardrobes we can create a double hang (on top of the other), which gives twice the amount of hanging rail than you’d otherwise get in that space. 

As you can see in the image above, long hanging is usually fairly minimal, and in a walk-in wardrobe, we will often pop it in the corner as it’s the easiest to access from this point. 

Have a look in your current wardrobe and tally up what you have, and whether there are other things you’d like to hang but don’t have room for yet.


Shelving is a good option for storing bags, hats, and knitwear that will hold it’s shape better if folded rather than hung up. 

The top-shelf of your wardrobe system is also a great place to put space pillows and linen. 

When considering your shelving, it’s good to think about whether there are other things you’d like to keep there too such as beauty products or appliances (we can also design built-in dressing tables specifically for these purposes).


Not just for socks and jocks these days! Choosing the number and type of drawers you need will add functionality and class to your closet. 

Standard drawers come with a bow handle but for a cleaner line you might like inset drawer-fronts, or you can always select one of our designer handles. 

Flocked jewellery drawers are a luxurious option and can be divided into compartments to keep a range of precious things. 

Hidden drawers can be inset into the top of the drawer set to hide special trinkets.


Shoes are always a challenge to store; they come in all different sizes, and some are more frequently used than others. 

Waikato Wardrobes offer stationary or sliding shoe shelves at a range of heights as well as wall-hung racks (great for a spare wall in your walk-in or the garage!)


What to do with all those bits and pieces? Ties? Belts? Scarves? 

We've designed pull out racks to solve all those issues and keep your accessories looking tidy and organised.